Hi! I’m Janice. I bridge the communication gap between animals and humans.

Janice Kutkus pet psychic holding black dog

What Exactly Does an Animal Communicator Do?

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking or why they are behaving a particular way? Maybe your pet is lost and you need help finding them. An animal communicator, sometimes called a “pet psychic” can help with all these things. Janice has the ability to telepathically talk to both domestic and wild animals. This applies to all species, including reptiles and even insects. Like other psychic-mediums she also has the ability to speak to your pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge, providing you comfort and healing.

My Services


One Question + Answer

Book this if you have worked with Janice before and just need her to answer a quick concern.


Full Session

This session is for first time clients or for established clients looking for detailed information. After booking, Janice will contact you for more information about your situation and to schedule a follow-up call to discuss her findings.


Package Discounts

Need ongoing guidance or have multiple pets that you need Janice to work with? Save money by purchasing multiple sessions at once.

$203 for 3 Sessions - Save 10 %
$383  for 6 Sessions - Save 15 %
$540  for 9 Sessions - Save 20 %
$675  for 12 Sessions - Save 25 %


“Janice was there for us with the loss of our two dogs and the aging of our 12-year-old dachshund. Her willingness to share her gift has brought so much peace and closure to many she’s helped. Anytime we have a concern, leave the vet’s office, or need to say hi to our angel babies, we call Janice and book a session. Janice is not just our animal medium; she’s part of our family. Do yourself a favor- stop reading and give her a call. You won’t regret it. ”
-Alicia & Tiffany
“Janice was an amazing help for me. She resolved very serious issues I had with my dogs fighting, When I am out of town, she “checks in” with my older dog to make sure she’s ok and also when she has been acting off due to sickness or injuries. I have found peace and a lot of answers that I otherwise would have left me in confusion. Janice is multifaceted and kindhearted and the best in depth animal medium I’ve ever worked with by far!”

“I’ve known Janice for several years. She has helped me with my Chihuahuas, my cat, and my daughter’s chameleon.
Meow Meow was an indoor/outdoor cat. He must have had more than 9 lives with what he’d get into! Janice would check on him and let us know how he was feeling. After he passed, weird things were happening around the house and the dogs would react. Janice talked with Meow Meow and let us know what he was unhappy with, and how he’ll communicate with us now.”

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